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How to take Good Model Polaroids at Home

How to take Good Model Polaroids at Home

Digitals A.K.A ‘Polaroids’ are an important set of photos that you’ll continuously update as a signed or independent model. Digitals are photos that are taken of you with natural lighting and in your most natural state; no makeup, excessive hairstyling or dramatic poses are needed. They show clients how you appear naturally before hair and makeup are set. Oftentimes when one attends an open call, if the agency is somewhat interested in signing you; then they’ll take a few digitals in front of a solid colour wall.


To get an idea of how to pose for digitals is by going on a reputable modeling agencies website. Under each model’s portfolio is a category called digitals. From there, you’ll see simple photos taken of that model in natural lighting in front of a plain white wall. Another way to figure out if your photos are correct is by going under the ‘Become A Model’ section of the agency you’re interested; from there they’ll have examples of exactly how your digitals should look.



Take some time out to do a little Google/Social Media Research. Google Search ‘the modeling agency’s name – SCAM’ and see if anything pops up. Go on any of their social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Is there any community interaction? Are they posting photos of THEIR own models? Agencies like to keep the community updated on their models. Most of the time you’ll see candid photos of models at their agency, agents celebrating each other’s birthday, and runway videos near fashion week.


Your hair needs to be clean. No flakes should be visible.

Your skin needs to be moisturized

Remove your nail polish and fake nails

No Jewelry or headbands are allowed. Remember you’re photographing in your natural state

You may wear light makeup. Although no makeup is preferred, light makeup is okay.

For example A light foundation or tinted moisturizer and a light application of mascara and eyeliner are fine.


Wait until the weather is nice enough where the sun is shining brightly so your best features are visible. Wait an hour before sunset, to refrain from using harsh lighting.

Be sure that the background of your photo is clear from any distractions.

No plants, Christmas trees, or other people should be visible in your photo.

Ideally, a plain white wall is what agencies prefer.


Having someone take your photos can allow the process to be quicker. If you live alone and you get an email from an agency asking you for more digitals, then a tripod will come in handy.

Set the timer on your camera

Allow yourself to sit comfortably in a subtle pose

Be sure you’re in focus and the image isn’t blurry


Once in a while (but not always) agencies state on their website for digitals to be taken in a solid color bathing suit. To feel the most comfortable with submitting swimsuit images is to know that the agency your submitting to is LEGIT! Most often, modeling agencies want images of you in simple attire.

Dark Solid color jeans (Dark wash or Black)

Solid color tank top or T-Shirt (White, Grey or Black)

Heels: Black or Nude

Barefoot is fine if the agency doesn’t state to wear heels.

Although, wearing heels is more flattering and elongates your legs.

Be sure to size your photos according to what is asked for, or else your submission won’t be accepted. Some agencies will state that each photo needs to be under 2MB. You can google search ‘Image resizer’ and sure enough, a few websites will pop up!

Once you’re satisfied with your images, send them out to modeling agencies and post them to your social media. You never know who’s watching. You may get scouted via Social Media!

Models 101: How to Start Your Modeling Career

Models 101: How to Start Your Modeling Career

The most common question that modeling agents and scouts receive from aspiring models is, “how do I become a fashion model?.” There is so much information in books, on websites, and swirling around in modeling forums that it can seem very confusing and overwhelming to a new model who is just starting out. Here are 5 simple steps to help you get started.

  • 1. Take Some Basic Snapshots (Polaroid)Image result for black model polaroid In the beginning, the only photos you need to present to modeling agents and scouts are some basic snapshots otherwise called Polaroid.  They are looking for a nice face shot (smiling and not smiling), left and right profiles of your face and body, a full length shot and a back shot. Wear form-fitting clothing like skinny jeans or leggings and a simple tank top or t-shirt.  If you are comfortable wearing a swimsuit, then include a few swimsuit shots as well, either a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit is fine. Male models need to show the agents their fitness level, so it is recommended that male models wear swim trunks or boxer shorts, or wear jeans without a shirt in at least one of their photos. 
  • 2. Get Evaluated by a Professional Model Agent or ScoutRelated image Most new models start their quest because their family and friends have said “you should be a model,” or they are the prettiest girl or guy in the school. They may have even won some local modeling competitions or pageant.That’s a great start, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into what the agencies are looking for. It is essential that you get your modeling potential evaluated by an experienced model agent or scout before you invest too much time or money into your pursuit. This step can get a little tricky. How do you determine whether the agent or scout who is evaluating you has the experience and knowledge to help you?Also, many new models find that they live in a smaller market where many of the agents are affiliated with a modeling school or photography studio. As a result, they may not be getting an accurate evaluation if the “agency” is more interested in selling courses or photo shoots.It doesn’t mean that the agent isn’t good or that the courses or photo shoots they are offering are bad; it just means that you need to think about what is motivating them to tell you whether or not you can be a model.
  • 3.  Get as Much Exposure as PossibleImage result for africa model casting
  • Many agencies specialize in only one particular area. Some may only represent high fashion (editorial) models. Others may only represent commercial models, or plus-size, petite, or child models. If one agency is unable to represent you don’t get discouraged, it’s important that you get seen by as many agents as possible and on a routine basis.  If you live in one of the major markets you may be able to attend an open call or go-see at the agency. If you live outside one of the major markets the best way to get exposure is to send your photos to as many agencies as possible.It can be a very time-consuming and expensive endeavor, especially if you are making copies of all your photos and then mailing them. The cost of prints, envelopes, and stamps can easily add up to over a thousand dollars. Another option is to email your photos–but with thousands of photos being emailed to model agencies every day, it is very easy to get lost in the mix.  To increase your chances of being signed by an agency, it is important to work with people who have experience and direct connections to all the agencies in a wide variety of markets. ModelScouts.com is a great place to start and offers the most legitimate and cost-effective way for you to get the exposure you need to be seen by many agents around the world and in the quickest way possible.
  • 4. Know the Best Modeling Market for YouA picture of the Eiffel Tower at nightThe term “market” refers to the various geographical locations in which models work and earn a living. “Market” can also refer to category your particular look falls into such as the fashion market, commercial market, plus market, or petite market.  Internationally New York, Paris and Tokyo are various “markets,”. In Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa are rising continental “market” that new models may want to break into before making a plunge. While the supermodels you see in major magazines and walking the runways for top clients generally work in every market, there are many successful models who only work in one or two markets. So, even though you may not get represented by an agency in Paris or South Africa, you could very well be perfect for Tokyo, Singapore, and other Asian markets.  An experienced agent can help guide you to the right market for your particular look.
  •  5.   Be PersistentImage result for africa model Becoming a professional model is a process. It rarely happens overnight. Even the models who say “I was just walking down the street one day and the next I was on the cover of Vogue” are exaggerating.Becoming a professional model takes time. Many of today’s top models didn’t get signed to an agency the first time out of the gate. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen was turned down over 40 times before she was finally signed to an agency.Stay positive and remember that just because an agency wasn’t able to represent you today, it doesn’t mean they won’t be interested tomorrow. Trends change