About the Franchise


ANSM Modelling competition directors have the opportunity to INSPIRE others to reach for their own goals and dreams and to LEAD others on their path to ACHIEVE them.

ANSM is seeking Distinctively Exceptional individuals OR Modelling agencies to become partners and be franchise holder for designated countries throughout Africa. This is an opportunity to create and manage your own fashion and modelling competitions business and conduct other events with all rights under the ANSM organization.  You have an opportunity to exclusively recruit models, stage events and run competitions within your COUNTRY that leads to the prestigious ANSM global competition with worldwide exposure.

We are a professional organization that prides itself on good moral character for not only our directors but our staff and contestants, as well.  Please note that ANSMuses English as its official language for business transactions.  Please ensure that correspondence with our office is done by someone that has knowledge of the English language or utilizes translations software.


Africa’s Next Super Model offers our directorship on a National level.

As an ANSM National Director, you oversee a national competition for a country in which she/he does business in, lives in, or has duel citizenship.  She/He is responsible for either holding a national modelling competition or overseeing a national delegation of contestants that are required to compete at the upcoming International event.  She/He is required (suggested) to attend the International competition and works under the discretion of the International Director.

Please contact our office directly for additional information regarding license fees The fees are renewable each year 30 days prior to the international competition.
No. ANSM has a Director’s Training Program that you can follow. As you grow and learn, you have the ability to advance to the next level of directorship, as it comes available or as your upper-level director sees fit or feels you are ready for the next level.
Yes, but subject to approval and must follow guidelines set forth by our Organization.
Contestants can pay sponsorship fees to participate in a contest. You will be able to charge admission, as well as, and may even sell concessions and merchandise (as a venue permits) to earn extra money at your event. The profit made after your event expenses are yours to keep. ANSM only charges franchise fees and entry fees for your delegates to the international competition.
As an Independent Director for ANSM, you are responsible for paying for your venue, prizes, and other related expenses for an event. You can pay for these items from the fees and other monies you collect by holding your event. You are responsible for your own taxes-income and expenses.
As a director you must pay your franchise fee before becoming an official director with rights to use our registered name and trademark. If you are a sub-licensee to a national director, you may consider partnering with your national director to split expenses and profit. Please contact her/him for more information. Fees are discussed once an application is approved.
Just like with any business, to be successful you have to take it seriously. Most love this business because they can do most of their recruiting and manage their business online through social media sites, email, and websites. Other women and men who work outside of the home can also be directors as they can work their business on their own time schedule and can utilize the contacts they already have with people they work with or network with on a daily basis.
98% of all paperwork is actually done online. Contestant applications and instructions are completed on the website or Facebook pages as files. This helps to keep our costs down. Most people have a Facebook page or email. Electronic contact is the best form of communication in this technologically driven world. If you can operate a computer, you will have all the tools you’ll need right at your fingertips.
As the need arises, we will have training opportunities throughout the year so that we may help all of our directors be the best they can be. We will occasionally have director conference calls to update information and changes within our organization. There is also a private social media page that a lot of training materials are on for you to view at your convenience, once approved as a director.
Fill out the application on our website and submit it. Someone will contact you shortly to speak with you about becoming a director and answer your questions! Upon speaking with you, a Director will determine your eligibility. Anyone applying for a directorship should remember that it takes self-motivation and dedication to the directorship and must take this step very seriously. We want to ensure that all of our contestants have a great experience and that their director will be with them every step of the way!

We hope you will join our growing partner and inspire others to be a leader and help them achieve their goals and dreams!


Yomi Adegoke

ANSM Organization

President/CEO/Executive Director