Frequently Asked Question


Each contestant has to be confident. She must be able to show authenticity, express themselves to articulate their ambitions by being Distinctively and Exceptional. ANSM competition not only showcases looks but also evaluates the contestant's aspirations, integrity and standards.  Being a Model is GREAT / Being a Role Model is BEST!

ANSM works throughout the year with different state and city government officials or private companies and organizations as well as with foreign governments to establish the perfect Host Site for the modelling/design competition.  Security and Infrastructure and the city which can offer the best support for Africa's Next SuperModel competition will be chosen.

You can contact the national director in your country. If there is not a director in your area, you can apply directly on our website.

The number of contestants varies, as contestants apply and choose to participate. The final number of participants will be determined when the registration process is completed.

Overall Appearance

Runway walk


Swimwear for women and men to be purchase for the competition here. No other swimwears are allowed.

Evening Wear / Formal Wear

Female contestants should wear an age-appropriate dress. Dresses should be long and current style. Judges will be looking for poise, personality and beauty. The Judges focus on stage presence, confidence, elegance, poise, overall appearance, and sense of fashion and style. Here they are scoring how well you wear and present your evening wear.  So choose a style and colour that looks great on you and will radiate on stage.

The male contestant should wear age-appropriate formal wear.  This suit should represent their individual style and creativity.  Think more about the special event and red carpet.  Judges will be looking for poise, personality and confidence.  The judges focus on stage presence, confidence, elegance, poise, overall appearance and sense of fashion and style.  Here they are scoring how well you wear and present your formal wear.  So choose a style and colour that looks great on you and will radiate on stage.


Contestants will interview with a panel of judges for 5 minutes. Judges will be looking at the contestant’s ability to be personable and express themselves in a natural and comfortable way.  Judges may be asking political, controversial or current event questions. None of the questions will be geared towards religion choice. Judges will use the Contestant Fact Sheet as a reference for interview questions. The Judges are taking this time to learn more about who you are and your personality. Attire for interview should be modern and fashionable. Choices range from dresses, skirt and blouse and trendy suits for women. Be sure your outfit

selection reflects your sense of style. This is your chance to impress each judge with your opinions, ability to communicate, and overall sense of self. They may ask questions regarding your family, education, hobbies, occupation, community involvement, goals, likes and dislikes.

Interviews are conversational. During the on-stage interview competition, the judges are looking for the same qualities and also how you handle speaking in front of an audience.

You must be 18 yrs of age to enter the competition.  If you feel that you have what it takes to compete with all ages, then we are looking for you. Fashion / Modeling is everywhere and for everyone!

Sponsorship can help defray the costs associated with an entry fee, wardrobe, etc. Sponsors can include but are not limited to your family, friends, local businesses, sororities, fraternity organizations and clubs, schools, etc. You may secure sponsors from anywhere in or out of the region. Take this opportunity to perfect your communications skills. Many local businesses will be supportive when you share your goals with them.  It is possible to not incur any out of pocket expenses.

Not at all. It is very important to select outfits you feel confident in that best suit your body type and personality. The personal choice of clothing spans from simple to more elaborate. The judges are scoring the over all presentation.  Ultimately it is the contestants personal choice.  Remember this is a competition so bring your best!

Each model is responsible for paying a $25 application processing fee along with an entry fee if she/he does not win a local/state regional or national competition, which covers your participation in the international modelling competition.  Designers must pay the $25 application processing fee to be considered.


This portion of the pageant will not be judged.  However, it will be a time for you to show off your personality to the judges! Opening number outfit will be determined at a later date. Make sure whatever you wear fits you well and shows off your figure! You may or may not be on stairs, so be sure you can walk in whatever shoes you choose – heels are always better on stage!

Tattoos and piercing are a statement of your individuality, and it is up to you whether you choose to show them. If you feel or the SIM organization that it may be offensive, you may want to cover it. Judges are not told to look upon someone negatively because of tattoos or piercing, but judging is a subjective process done by each individual differently.

You will need to bring your own interpreter to assist you. You should have some knowledge of the English language.  Not speaking English will not hinder the judge's overall consideration.

1. Petite - Height 4’8 - 5’6 / Size 00-06

2. Curvy - Height 5’0 & up / Size 10 & up

3. Fit - (women & men who have an athletic build) Height 5’0 & up / Size 00 - 12-W

4. Runway - Height 5’7 & up / Women and Men

For the runway, women will wear the competition sash, ANSM t-shirt, black leggings, and 5 inch high heels black shoes.

For Swimwear rounds, you can purchase your swimsuit from our website for the competition.  (no other swimsuits are allowed)

Evening gown / Evening Wear is your choice!

Interview is your choice!

Overall apperance is opening number is your choice!

Yes, we will have a workshop offered to our models

Summer of 2021 / Check back for exact date and country

Yes, we will have a workshop offered to our models

After your application and $25 processing fee has been paid and social media has been reviewed a team member will contact you.

The overall winner of Africa's Next super Model Competition will receive the national crown, medallion, sash, trophy, a professional photoshoot, an appearance in Fashion Magazine, year-round advertisement, professional management, $5,000.00 cash prize along with red carpet appearances, trips and more.

Our Category winners of ANSM will receive the national crown, medallion, sash, professional photoshoot, and more.

Please note that we are always adding to our prize package as more sponsors partner with us.